Mixed reactions over fund raising for ailing Hollywood actor

A veteran Nollywood actor Martins Njubuigbo, popularly known as Elder Maya or Papa Labista, has been diagnosed with liver disease. His fellow colleague, actor Ernest Obi, spread this sad story via his Instagram page. He also started a campaign aimed at collecting the funds for the ailing actor.  “Help save ELDER MAYA’S LIFE. His real name is MARTINS NJUBUIGBO. an Actor, Poet, Singer. A full fledged thespian, who has given over twenty years of his life to film. Elder maya as he is fondly called, or Papa Labista from d film Labista.. Today he is not playing a role in any movie to entertain as usual. He is fighting for his life. His liver. He needs you. Needs me. Needs us. Pls help save ELDER MAYA.. PAPA LABISTA etc.. He needs about a million naira to bounce back, like d old war horse he is.. No amount is too small. Like he always says “I refuse to retire, for I am not tired”… God bless you. ERNEST OBI. NJUBIGBO MARTIN C ACCOUNT NOS ARE DIAMOUND BANK 0*******90 FIRST BANK 3*******87 PLS DO NOT PAY MONEY INTO ANY OTHER ACCOUNT.” The second post published on Saturday, May 14, revealed the bad look of Papa Labista: “Please help save ELDER MAYA’S life. ACTOR. POET. SINGER. an unrepentant THESPIAN. MARTINS NJUBUIGBO fondly known as Elder Maya or Papa Labista is down with a chronic liver problem One million Naira is needed for immediate operation. Let’s help save his life whilst he yet lives. Ratther than celebrate him when he is gone. Please help bring this Old war horse,who has given d best of his life to entertaining us.. God bless you.. ERNEST OBI NJUBIGBO MARTIN C ACCOUNT NOS ARE DIAMOUND BANK 0*******90 FIRST BANK 3*******87 Pls do not pay money into any other account.. Shalom.” However, many Nigerians expressed amusement and dissatisfaction with such a campaign, while some other movie lovers supported the idea. Read some of the reactions below:
“Dear Ernest Obi, u don’t need to deride someone before giving him help….so YOU and two or three of ur colleagues can’t just raise d money for him in private without two ears hearing about it, do you have to post It to d whole world to see how hes begging for money. Pls this is a veteran, you doing more harm to his image than good. You should take down this post ASAP….its the height of embarrasment,” encorebaba2 opined.
I know how much they pay nollywood actors..1 million naira is nothing to them,” david_sugarlips noted. “Is dis a joke or wat,” ezenwakacynthia wondered. “Wao. This man must not go. Let we the rich help save a life,” duchess_jing_ming wrote. “May God protect him and give him the strength to pull through these hard times in Jesus’ name. Amen!” ema_kimberly wished the best to the ailing screen star.

Source: naij.com


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