Michael Jackson as a black man without surgery



Over the years, fans of Michael Jackson watched him grow into man. He gave us memorable hits such as “Billie Jean,” “Thriller,” and “Beat It.”

However, his appearance seemed to change. Despite his obviously altered look, the King of Pop only admitted to two nose jobs – and blamed his progressively paler skin on the condition, vitiligo.

Eventually, all of the surgeries took a toll on his face and fans didn’t see him as that adorable little boy who they fell in love with any more.

If Michael never got those surgeries or suffered from his alleged vitiligo, what do you think he would look like today?

A 2015 documentary, The 10 Faces of Michael Jackson, gave fans up close and personal look at his surgery confessions.

However, the one thing that stuck out throughout the entire documentary was a computer-generated image of what Michael would have looked like now if he was still alive.

Check it out:

MJ as a black man without Surgeries

Michael died back in 2009 from cardiac arrest at the age of 50.


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