Happy birthday, Ms Seun Okunrinboye


Born on the 25th of May, Ms Seun Okunrinboye is an aspiring sociologist set to change the world around her in her own small way. She’s an artist and presently a 300l student of Sociology department at Bowen University. She could pass on for a lawyer as she can argue a lot.  Her friends called in to wish her a happy birthday. TY said he wishes her a “belated” birthday and many more years ahead.



P.S: She’s also a romantic lady as her numerous friends would call her(Ms Romantic)😀.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. dreel1 says:

    Hbd girl…have fun

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    1. Seun says:



  2. Shyphy says:

    Happy earthstrong, babe😀😀😀🙌


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  3. Seun says:

    Tnkz I really appreciate


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