NAIRA -Never Allow Igbo’s Rule Again

PHCN -Problem Has Changed Name

HAUSA -House Animals Using Seat of Authority

IMO -Igbos Must Overcome

BAT -Bolaji Ahmed Tunubu

APC -Association of Past Criminals

NYSC -Now Your Struggles Continues

GLO -Get Lovers Online

PDP -People Deceiving People

PHD -Pull Him Down

MTN -Maintain Total Nonsense

WEEK -Women Educations End in Kitchen

ABACHA -After Babangida Another Criminal Has Arrived

GSM -General Street Madness

NEPA-Never Expect Power Always

KOBO -Kill Ojukwu Before Others

FANTA-Foolish Ashawo Never Take Advice

RICE -Rangers International Club of Enugu.

LONDON-Ladies of Nowadays Depend On Naira.

BUHARI-Brought Unnecessary Hardship Among Reasonable Igbos.

Culled from facebook


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