Words only try to convey what the heart wishes to express, and still never succeeds. Permit me these few alphabets of appreciation. 

In my saddest moment you brightened my aura. God bless you for honouring me. I celebrate especially my colleagues who made ComedyNiteLive a mind blowing success. As in too much love. 

Omobaba, EmmaOhMaGod,Elder O, Linchung, Bash, Bowjoint, Josh2funny, SLK, Akpororo, Calibird, Shaggy, Dee1, Davydson, Longman, Baba Alariya, also Zaaki, Boomerang, Ashny, Likkle Tee, Isolate, Oluremi, Benami, Agoha, Valentino. 

Shaddout to mah splufik crew, Wasiu, Ini Dan, Kreb, Meg, Ruth, Mosho, Bayo, Benny Blanco, Andrew, Tunde Aluko, More grease and grace y’all. 1 love.

Join us on July 30 for Battle of The Sexes ‎
Freedom Park 6pm/ Mandy, Gordons, Princess, Mc Abbey, Chigul, TJ Holla, Ebinyo, STYLO, TinaBlack, Boomerang, Dynamic V, Likkle Tee, Ashny, AshleyStephanie, Rapberry, Shade Awesome, SaxMistress, Da Emperor, Jasperazzi, Chief Anyanwu.
Host: Josh2Funny.

Powered by: STYLO MEDIA

Credits: ochaki.wordpress.com


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