​Someone just got me pondering on the issues facing Africa at hand. And believe me, I’m gravid and heavy with thoughts and ideas… Where do I start from? 

I’ll love to thank a country like Botswana having being the only African country with a budget surplus for so long a time now. Karabo Raesima, I don’t know how to say this in Setswana but I mean it. I envy your country and its leader! How can a country with around 70 US dollars as GDP per capita run up scale at almost 18,800 US dollars in about 50 years difference, an African country for that matter. I even appreciate you guys the more when I see the condition of your neighboring countries as well as the unarguable fact that Botswana is landlocked! 

You see, I’ll agree with Prof PlO Lumumba of Kenya that “Africans are co-authors of their misfortune”…good Instinct should only tell us to correct what has been done wrong, instead we complain and complain and keep complaining… 

I’ll love to listen to Ghana’s Kwame Nkurumah’s speech delivered in 1963 at Addis Ababa where various African leaders and staunch Pan-Africanists came out to voice out their problems , their ideas, their situations and their perceived solutions. Worthy of note is the distinguishing theme and view that Kwame’s speech brought to the front burner about Africa coming together as one and giving the then menace Africa found itself one big blow, just once and for all… But it is a pity, African nations are one of the most unrespected, untrusted, and despised nations. We face virtually the same problems and what should have been a unification of the ideas and solutions brought by this leaders was never looked into. Now, our youths want to run away to Europe for greener pasture, our old men still want power by hook or Crook, our  schools are fast becoming institutions for grooming corrupt individuals and Centre for devising new ways to cheat in all forms, our boys are busy looking for shortcuts to making money, our young teenage girls cannot afford sanitary pad, yet, our leader’s children can afford i-pads, our leaders are leading without vision and seem to be deaf ears to our plight and biddings, yet they’ll go on their knees to beg you for vote, buy your destiny for a cup of rice and make as usual, fake promises that would never be fulfilled till Jesus comes. Worst still, we are faced with ethnic, religious and social problems, Nepotism is at its peak, I don’t even want to enter the issue of corruption! 

When are we going to wake up!!!….. It saddens me so much that we are “SUFFERING AND SMILING” according to Fela Anikulapo’s song title. I usually wouldn’t raise any issue about politics, but I’m obliged to let out my thoughts about this menace Africa has suddenly found itself. This fight is not a fight for an individual. It must be a collective thing, something we would be proud of in a score years from now. The irony of the whole thing is that People with vision have no power, and people with power have no vision… History has it that, those who do not learn from it are bound to repeat it! 

I wished I could gain more from the wealth of ideas garnered by notable Africans like Nyerere of Tanzania, Patrice Lumumba of the very naturally endowed Congo, Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Obafemi Awolowo of Nigeria… These were men with vision and they pursued it with vigor till their last breath! 

It is about time we stopped drooling and getting all overwhelmed and over saturated with things attached to the Whites! We are still in part suffering from inferiority complex and in part internal battles, which if we do not look into, would enbattle us and bring us back to square one without we knowing it. Africa must rise up to face it’s challenges, they are our challenges and not for the Europeans, Americans, or Asians. It begins with you, it begins with me. One Love 

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